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Cool Test Drives

My test drive of the HRV:

I loved it. I drove the EX-L Itís much bigger than I thought or at least seems so. The drive is smooth and the ride is much nicer than my 09 Fit. It did feel heavier and was not as peppy as my car but felt solid and safe. The acceleration was good although not as peppy as what I am in currently. The ride is better and smoother than my Fit and felt solid and comfortable.

I have driven manual transmissions forever and driving the CVT was an unexpected treat. Yes, there is engine noise when I pushed the peddle on the highway but it faded. I wondered if it was possible to run it in sport mode with eco-assist pushed in. It worked, although I think its somewhat of a contradiction.

I liked the paddle shifters, as they felt solid and responsive, not cheap. At the stop sign I forgot to downshift and found it was done automatically. The paddle shifters gave me the connection I feel with a stick. I didnít push it far and am not sure if it automatically shifts at higher rpms. Final thoughts on the drive; the HRV felt solid, comfortably, a bit heavy, probably because I have been driving a fit for the last 7 years and before that a 94 Civic SI.

Interior: Better than I thought. I was uncertain how I would feel about a dash without buttons but it was nice and has a good look to it. I like the instrument panel and have no qualms with the green eco light. The flat panel infotainment worked quickly and seemed easy to operate. Itís difficult to get a true feel for it in 15 minutes but with the steering wheel controls it looks possible to do what needs to be done without taking your hands off the wheel. The climate controls are a simple set it and forget it. Itís better in person than what the photos present.

I think Honda has a winner with the HRV. Beside the great interior room and versatility it gets great mpg and is a very good looking car. It has what I have been missing in the Fit, clearance and supposedly better mpg than the 09 Fit. It has the feels of an expensive SUV.
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oops looks like i posted this in the wrong spot...
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When I test drove the CVT i found it really sapped the life out of an otherwise amazing vehicle. I really hope my dealership can get the HRV LX with the manual transmission. i am so concerned with CVT reliability for the long haul that im willing to purchase the LX with a stick and just put on some really good snow tires. I love my 2012 honda accord LX but really fell in love with the tight steering and buttoned down suspension on the HRV. So keeping my fingers crossed he will get a 2wd stick LX soon.
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Here's my test drive experience, keep in mind I love me some horsepower on my cars, but I used to own a 99 civic EX so I know what 127hp feels in a 2,600lbs car so going into a 141hp with 2,900 I knew it would feel pretty much the same. What i'm looking for is the SUV like ride height, I don't want to feel like its another car down low, also the space inside and in the cargo area although I don't need that much just enough to fit a stroller and maybe some groceries. My first impression when I saw it for the first time in person was that it looks smaller than I thought on the outside, but that didn't discourage me since I already knew its a sub-compact going in. After that I went straight ahead to look at it on the inside and my first thought was that the interior looks really good for the price of the car, up until that point I have not had a soft touch interior and I definitely like that aspect of the HR-V. Anyway the sales man got the keys and handed them to me, I drove an LX model so it has the conventional unlock with a button get in and insert and turn the key and I thought it was not that bad knowing I need to pay at least $2,000 more for the smart entry and push to start, I kept thinking what if those fail but that's another topic on its own. When I headed out there was a pot hole and road imperfections and I purposely went over them just to feel out the suspension and was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the ride, accelerating with the CVT I really had forgotten it was a CVT since ive never driven one before, to me it just felt like a regular automatic. I did punch it a bit and did experience the rev to torque peak effect but it really doesn't bother me at all. As I gained speed at about 50+ I did notice some road noise much lower than in other cars ive been in, definitely not a luxury SUV in the road noise category but its not on the cheap sedan level either, what I noticed is it varied, as I got onto a better road the noise went way down and it was really quiet on the nicer road. Steering wheel feels real nice on the hands, the speedo, rpm and info display all look conventional but modern at the same time, the green/white ring on the speedo is a real nice feature for saving gas I really like that. The stereo was just fine but im not an audio guy with my cars so the basic stereo is fine for me. When I got back to the dealer ship I tested the reverse camera and liked it a lot, the 3 modes really give you an aid to park and I see myself using it a lot. Played with the audio system a bit and on the LX its a basic audio system nothing fancy but works well, and I prefer the traditional knobs over a full touch interface.

Overall I really liked it a lot and I was looking at other SUV's (Nissan Rogue, Rav4) but the for price, cargo room/space, gas mileage and the warranty/service is just right on the deal im getting for the HR-V, I mean Honda really had me with the included 3 years roadside assistance and my dealer has a 3 year oil changes offer right now, so i'm buying one as soon they get a modern steel LX 2WD with CVT.
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Originally Posted by crow View Post
so i'm buying one as soon they get a modern steel LX 2WD with CVT.
Congrats, I was surprised with how smooth the ride was too. Potholes are a fact of life here in Wisconsin

God Bless Our Troops
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Drove HRV the day it landed at my local dealer's lot. Car only had 32 kms on it (Canada). My wife is looking at getting the CRV but I had my eyes on the HRV instead because it is a handsome looking car. The fit and finish inside is A+. Love the touch controls compared to old style knobs. The rear looks very much like the Acura vehicles.

On the road, HRV disappointed me. Very much under powered when passing at freeway speeds, feels very much driving like a Civic. Seating position is low compared to the CRV. (I drive a CX-5 so sit high). I felt every bump on the road and pothole. Steering felt nice. Drive is smooth and very quiet. Overall I liked the car but not enough to take the plunge to own it. The price differential between the HRV and CRV was not enough to warrant getting a smaller car so I asked my wife to get the CRV instead.
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I decided to sell my 2008 Volkswagen GTI - a great, reliable vehicle but 8 years old. Although that car is super fast, I rarely used all that power. It took premium gas and got about 23 mpg, not bad, but not great. I loved the car, but I figured at 8 years its value was declining fast. So I sold it.

When I shop for a new car, I tell every dealer: 'I need to take it to my house and take it down the driveway.' I live in a townhouse with a garage under the house and it is steep and short. A lot of cars scrape on the way down and the way out. Ground clearance a factor, of course, but also how much overhang the car has in front of the front wheels. The GTI was ideal, small car with decent clearance and short overhang.

My targets were: Honda Fit, Honda HR-V, Toyota Prius, Subaru Impreza Wagon.

I test drove the Prius first. The dealer just let me take it - off I went. I liked it. Very quiet, very techy, very nice inside, good cargo space. It scraped going down and going up. Goodbye Prius.

Next I drove the Subaru. I really liked the car, smooth ride, quiet, decent cargo space. It scraped. Goodbye Impreza. (I hate the look of the Crosstrek, so I wasn't even considering it.)

Next I drove the Honda Fit. Within a block I felt like it was cramped and noisy - even compared to my VW GTI. I wasn't in love with it. So I never tested it on my driveway.

So then the Honda HR-V. I was very impressed with everything about it. The interior space, the exterior looks, the interior design, the gigantic luggage space for a car this small -- it is only 4 inches longer than my GTI and has twice the space. It was a LOT quieter than the Fit (I was testing the EX 2wd CVT model). I was really liking it and ... whoooo ... it easily passed the driveway test.

Bought it yesterday.

Looking forward to advice on this forum.
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Originally Posted by Dvdre View Post
Next I drove the Honda Fit. Within a block I felt like it was cramped and noisy - even compared to my VW GTI. I wasn't in love with it. So I never tested it on my driveway.
The Fit would have failed the driveway test ó probably worse than the Subaru or Prius. If you hit the junction between driveway and street fast enough, the HR-V will scrape as well.
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Congrats on your new HRV. What color did you get?

Selden, I've scraped mine like that too. I was surprised when it happened and noticed that the "lip" on the front bumper is a little low.
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