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My car won't start if I don't use it for what I consider a relatively short period of time. The first time it happened it didn't start after not using it for 11 days, the second time it wouldn't start after not using it for 7 days. Both times jump starting the car worked, but I find my brand...
2017 Black hrv LED fog lights and front spoiler
Did some customizing with a black wrap on hood, front grill, mirrors, and all badges
2019 Honda HR-V Sport
Every guy needs a little black car!
this is a test, please disregard
2018 Honda HRV (Lunar Metallic Silver)
2017 Honda HR-V EL_AT (Crystal Black Pearl)
2018 Honda HR-V (Black/black)
2018 Honda HR-V (Blue Aegean Metallic)
2016 Honda HR-V (Crystal Black Pearl)
2016 Honda EX 2WD M6 (Black)
2016 Honda HR-V (Silver)
2015 Honda HR-V (Modern Steel Metallic)