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  1. Europe
    Hi everyone. I'm located in the EU and planning to buy a new Honda HR-V 2023. recently had a test drive of the 2022 advanced style and really loved it. I should say that the audio system is quite important for me as I listen to music a lot. However, there is a shortage of available cars and I...
  2. HR-V Interior
    Anyone know if the '23 HR-V EX-L has a sub woofer?
  3. Electronics and Audio
    I don’t seem to see comments here on road noise. I need to wear AirPods when driving and talking on the phone. I work out of my car and this is not what I expected when I purchased this car. Are there other solutions?
  4. Electronics and Audio
    2018 EX-L So I can't seem to find anyone who's actually said HOW they do this. I can see 3 ways that it is possible (maybe 4) from easiest to hardest. 1. Splice the crossover into the woofer wires under the dash and run new wires to the tweeters. 2. Splice the crossover into the woofer wire AND...
  5. Electronics and Audio
    I’m trying to find wire diagram for my head unit soo I can install an output converter for my sub system
  6. Electronics and Audio
    hey everyone, this is my first post so I'm not sure if anyone is going to see this but I have a 2021 honda HRV LX AWD and the old audio system was horrendous. Instead of doing nothing, I decided to put in a new custom audio system but it's my first time. My problem is the fact that I don't know...
  7. Electronics and Audio
    Hi All. I recently just traded in my 2016 Lx Hrv for a 2022 HRV Ex. I noticed the speakers are not as good as my 2016 and sound kind of bland. I’ve played with the bass mid and treb levels and it still doesn’t compare to my 2016 speakers. Honda also gave me a rental of a 2020 fit and even those...
  8. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    Hey everyone, I just picked up this '17 LX with 50,000 miles on friday. I was able to connect my Samsung Note 10 via bluetooth in seconds, everything worked great! Until the next day. Saturday, I got up and was about to go somewhere and I noticed my phone was not connecting to the car. I tried...
  9. Electronics and Audio
    I've been searching for a solution but haven't quite found what I'm looking for yet. Since adding Android Auto to the existing hardware in a 2017 HR-V EX doesn't seem to be an option... I'm looking at swapping out the stock head unit. Here's what I'm looking for: back-up camera functions...
  10. Electronics and Audio
    Is there a way to improve the stock speakers in my 2019 hrv sport?
  11. Electronics and Audio
    When I plug my iPhone in using the USB port to activate Apple Carplay, map navigation sound does not not translate to car sound system. Music will play over the sound system, but the map navigation sound is very quiet and seems like it is coming from the phone itself. Any suggestions on fixing...
1-11 of 11 Results