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  1. 2015-22 HR-V General Discussion
    I am a proud new owner of a 2022 Honda HR-V sport AWD and am going to be doing mods in the future. One of the mods is dropping it and I wanted to know if having the AWD model will pose an issue with that? I know that there is the AWD box on the rear axle, and I don’t plan to go much smaller, if...
  2. 2015-22 HR-V General Discussion
    This past weekend, there a was a winter storm warning in Big Bear California and I thought this would be the perfect time to go. And it did not disappoint! Also here’s a drone video for your viewing pleasure!
  3. Honda HR-V Accessories & Add Ons
    Looking to buy a HKS exhaust like the one that’s on the 2015 VEZEL. Having trouble trying to find the correct specs for the piping size on my 2016 awd hrv. If anyone has a good link or selling HKS that will fit and instal please comment 🖤
  4. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    Hello, posting here on an issue with the AWD on mom’s 2016 HRV; Hope someone on the forum can give me a direction for next troubleshooting step. It seems that the AWD has failed - the AWD indicator and the VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) indicator lights are On and stay On. The only change now...
1-4 of 4 Results