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  1. Electronics and Audio
    i have a 2018 ex and EVERY time i connect to bluetooth it automatically activates apple music and starts playing- it’s driving me mad. 🤬🤯😱 i tried turning off apple play but no use prob bc do not have apple play…. getting ready to delete the music or entire app- any suggestions? thanks!!
  2. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    Hi guys, I cannot pair the new device or delete the old pairing devices. Tried to go through every buttons but still couldn't find a way to do it. Please see the video here. Appreciate if anyone can help me. Thanks,
  3. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    Hey everyone, I just picked up this '17 LX with 50,000 miles on friday. I was able to connect my Samsung Note 10 via bluetooth in seconds, everything worked great! Until the next day. Saturday, I got up and was about to go somewhere and I noticed my phone was not connecting to the car. I tried...
  4. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    I have a 2017 HRV.... everything was working great for a few months until now. Suddenly, bluetooth and USB are not working with my iPhone. It will say the device is connected, and the audio even still shows up on the console as playing on my phone, but no sound will come out. I thought it was a...
  5. Electronics and Audio
    My wife and I recently upgraded our phones to Google Pixel 5's, we can successfully link the phones to the car, but it seems that when we go to bluetooth in audio, we don't have any controls from the steering wheel, or on the main display (just says "no device connected"). Our Car is a 2016 HRV...
  6. Electronics and Audio
    Hi, I have a 2018 LX which I'm very happy with. A couple weeks ago, though -- without any change that I made -- now playing information completely disappeared from the infotainment display: When bluetooth is on it just says "BTA" on the top and the currently playing track (Spotify) or...
  7. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    I have a pixel 2 that I recently updated to Android 10, since then I've been having connectivity issues with my 2016 HRV AWD EX Its having serious problems auto connecting to my phone for audio playback, but most of the time it finally does, but the phone won't stay connected (the connection to...
1-7 of 7 Results