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  1. Electronics and Audio
    Hi All, May I know if anybody has experience of using Apple CarPlay with Honda HRV 2019 Europe (NL : Elegance)? iPhone XS Max, last iOS, Bluetooth & WiFi & Hotspot enabled, Siri enabled with side button clicking enabled, Screen Time completely disabled so no interfere even though CarPlay icon...
  2. HRV Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I am selling this Maxca head unit that I have used for the past year in my 2016 Honda HRV - LX. This is the updated model which includes a faster processor and wireless Android Auto / CarPlay built in compared to the previous. It is plug and play for a 2016 LX trim, but I can't speak for other...
    $65 USD
  3. Electronics and Audio
    Hi HR-Vers, I'm about 9mo into HR-V ownership ('22 EX-L). For awhile I've been using the CarLinkIt dongle (CPC200-U2W Plus) with current firmware, and an iPhone 12 Pro. The wireless CarPlay works OK, sometimes it takes awhile to get going or doesn't at all, was working most of the time. When...
  4. Electronics and Audio
    Do the 2019+ US models have CarPlay? And if so would that headunit be compatible in a 2018 EX model. Looking to swap the headunit in order to get CarPlay and this is what looks like one of the easier ideas I haven’t seen tested.
  5. Electronics and Audio
    I have a 2020 HR-V LX AWD that did not come with CarPlay. There is a reply in a thread on this forum about this radio but the poster didn't give a link or info to buy. It took some research but I found it and the seller confirms that it will fit the 2015-2020 cars that came with the basic radio...
  6. Electronics and Audio
    I took the first long road trip in my 2019 HRV yesterday. My iPhone connected to CarPlay fine and worked well, but the battery depleted to the point that the phone battery was nearly dead by the time I reached my destination. I saw some chatter here about others with the same issue but I did...
1-6 of 6 Results