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  1. Electronics and Audio
    I am having issues with my hr-v and found one of the 3 main system fuses is shot. (The ones located on the bracket connected directly to the battery). Any assistance on how to get replacements and how to replace this specific fuse? Specifically in the image it is the left fuse.
  2. Electronics and Audio
    I’m trying to find wire diagram for my head unit soo I can install an output converter for my sub system
  3. Electronics and Audio
    hey everyone, this is my first post so I'm not sure if anyone is going to see this but I have a 2021 honda HRV LX AWD and the old audio system was horrendous. Instead of doing nothing, I decided to put in a new custom audio system but it's my first time. My problem is the fact that I don't know...
  4. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    Most often I keep my key FOB in my car at night and keep my headlight setting on Auto. Twice in the last few weeks, I have come into my garage in the morning with my headlights and tail lights on/ illuminated. There have been 4 times in the last couple of days where I have had my keys in the...
  5. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    Hi all! Hoping for some help. December of 2020 my HRV decided to fritz out. Alarm would go off sporadically and then the dashboard lights would rapidly flash on and off with a clicking noise coming from the fuse box. I did replace the battery and all seemed okay. Until it started back up about a...
  6. Electronics and Audio
    Is there a way to improve the stock speakers in my 2019 hrv sport?
1-6 of 6 Results