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  1. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    Hi everyone, I’m glad I found this forum! I’ve learned a lot in the past few hours I’ve browsed here. I have a 2016 EX (in Canada) and I noticed that when I have turn my headlights to the "Night Time" or "AUTO" (when it's dark), my left headlight does not work. However, my "Day Time" and High...
  2. HR-V Owners Check In Area
    Long time Honda driver, 92 accord, 12 CRV, and picked up an 18 HRV EX sport 2 months ago. Been reading some forums and looking for some opinions. Doing these upgrades/mods in order 1. Headlights. Cheap route of brighter halogens, or spend about double and get some Philips LEDs? Really want this...
  3. HR-V Exterior
    Hey guys, I'm going to finally get around to doing a retrofit on the HRV. The stock halogen headlights are terrible so its finally time to upgrade. I ordered the parts, just have to wait for a nice day to do it because its currently freezing up north. I made a little video on the set up I'm...
  4. HR-V Exterior
    Hey y'all, First post here.. please be nice! I've been reading what seems like every thread on this website looking for replacement LED headlight and fog light bulbs. I am practically sold on getting the Nighteye bulbs that @Dammit and @SlowFosho have raved about for years. My question...
1-4 of 4 Results