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  1. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    i have been reading about problems with the power lock not locking. however i have a problem with my lock that KEEPs locking. everytime my speed reaches 20km/hit will trigger the door to lock again even when it is already locked. anyone with similar issue? any solution?
  2. 2015-22 HR-V General Discussion
    Hello I have a 2016 Honda HRV. I lost my key (thanks to alcohol lol 😆 ) So I say to dealerships to buy the key. But they said it costs over 300$ After I founded aliexpress Honda key made in china. I don't know my key hertz. Dealerships can't tell hertz of my key fob How could find my key...
  3. California
    None of the answers to editing my speed dial work for me. I have a 2016 LX. I mistakenly put the wrong voice tag on the wrong number and I would like to fix it without resorting to the nuclear option of resetting everything. I do not have the touchscreen and cannot find the answer in the manual...
  4. HR-V Defects / Issues / Problems
    I bought the car brand new in September 2016. I’ve never had the first problem with it. (160,000 miles) Last Thursday as I’m pulling out of a parking lot, it goes into neutral and has been stuck there. The gear shifter moves just fine through gears but never actually goes into gear. It has fluid...
  5. Electronics and Audio
    Hi All. I recently just traded in my 2016 Lx Hrv for a 2022 HRV Ex. I noticed the speakers are not as good as my 2016 and sound kind of bland. I’ve played with the bass mid and treb levels and it still doesn’t compare to my 2016 speakers. Honda also gave me a rental of a 2020 fit and even those...
  6. Introductions
    Hello All! I just bought my HR-V yesterday and it is my first car. I am using it to commute to school and was wondering about how you may feel or your experiences with highway driving? I’ve read a lot about them being underpowered and was wondering if they still get up to speed ok? Thank you!
  7. Electronics and Audio
    My wife and I recently upgraded our phones to Google Pixel 5's, we can successfully link the phones to the car, but it seems that when we go to bluetooth in audio, we don't have any controls from the steering wheel, or on the main display (just says "no device connected"). Our Car is a 2016 HRV...
1-7 of 7 Results