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  1. Honda HR-V MPG & Fuel Economy Discussion
    I Just bought a 2022 EX as my daily driver. With this new vehicle, I treat the mpg as a high score to beat! So far with daily driving, since I got it 3 weeks ago, average is 34.6mpg(interstate and city). My fiancé on the other hand seems to try to get my score as low as possible. Each time she...
  2. Honda HR-V MPG & Fuel Economy Discussion
    Loving the look, feel, and mpg of my new bigger tires! I'm aware they affect the efficiency, performance, etc. just like bigger rims compared to the stock 215/55/17, but I wanted a more cushioned experience, additional height, and overall look, and my mpg is pretty decent! 👍
  3. Europe
    My first long journey in my 2019 EX CVT. 1.5 litre Earth Dreams petrol/gas engine. 145 miles, a mix of twisty, hilly, rough roads, some town work in light traffic, 70 miles clear highway. I had 3, 2 hour stops. I avoided harsh acceleration unless necessary, and apart from one or two bursts up to...
1-3 of 3 Results