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  1. HR-V Maintenance & Service
    Hello HRV peoples, I found this link and thought I would share. I suggest you download the service manual incase these links goes dead. HRV - Google Drive Or Honda_HRV_2016.pdf Mahalo!
  2. Mid-West
    Hi, I'm taking delivery of a 2022 HR-V in a few weeks and was thinking about independent repair/maintenance/performance oriented shops in the Chicago area. Does anyone here know of or recommend good independent repair shops and/or places Honda owners go to get performance oriented work / mods...
  3. 2015-22 HR-V General Discussion
    After a second mishap that resulted in the passenger side mirror needing to be replaced on my 2018 HRV, I decided to try a cheaper replacement mirror - one without the camera. I was able to get it connect just fine, but have 1 problem: the right turn signal down causes the passenger side mirror...
1-3 of 3 Results