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  1. HR-V Exterior
    Passion red pearl color. The last release before the new gen. My 15 month old hrv has some paint issues on the roof only. For the past 2 weeks, whole car has been exposed to daily sun and rain and humidity up in the mountains. I wipe the whole car every now and then but I just noticed this...
  2. HR-V Interior
    Hello. I was installing a dash cam in my 2016 HRV LX, and noticed a nice gap between the headliner / plastic trim and the top of the windshield. I can't remember if this gap (can easily fit my fingers in the gap) existed before or if the trim was more flush with the windshield, but I am...
  3. Honda HR-V Accessories & Add Ons
    Hi everyone. I am looking to add roof rails to my 2017 hrv, which has a bare roof. I want to transport a bike/kayak/surfboard. I did some research and found the roof rails that clip into the door frame. Does anyone have any experience using these? Do they work well or cause any damage? What are...
1-3 of 3 Results