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Just picked up my EX-L last night. The badges match on that one (all chrome)
I did not notice any noise from the tailgate on mine (was a 25 min ride home.. but.. I also had the radio on)
Headlights, I know what you mean.. it could benefit from fog lights - but the white vs yellow light is good. the area it does light up is bright.
Grey trim under the back bumper looks fine with white... but yeah. Odd for other colors

not sure of the tires yet. No snow here (if it did, i'd never drive.. people are morons here lol)

I think the door pockets are too small, and it needs a rear armrest with cup holders!
Also.. the front armrest... its nice but.. if you go to get fast food, and get more than 2 drinks.. im wondering where to set the drink tray! lol

Everything else about it i really like so far- i'll report back in a few months as well.
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