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2 months now with my 2023 HRV Sport(with photos)

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I'm no stranger to Hondas and have owned a few of them in my life- 06 Odyssey EXL, 2009 Pilot EXL, 2012 Crosstour EXL, 2013 Pilot Touring, 2013 Accord Sport, 2013 CRV EXL(Limited)(still have it), 2018 Accord Hybrid EXL. I absolutely loved the looks of the new HRV when it came out, and reminded me of a 2017 Macan I leased. I traded 1 2018 Avalon Limited for it, and waited 2 months before mine was delivered. I have now owned mine for 2 months and have put over 6000k miles on it.

It hasn't been perfect, but I really love this car. I average 26+mpg overall, and my style of driving is driving at the speed of traffic and not staying behind anyone. My Avalon used to average 19mpg with the same driving, so I'm pretty happy.

The things that I don't like about it-
1. The stock tires are HOT GARBAGE! They are the WORST tires I've EVER had on a brand new car. Swapped them out immediately. They are dangerously bad if you live in any area with rain or snow!
2. The rear tailgate makes noise. Can't pinpoint the issue, but I believe it's the plastic on the inside of the tailgate door. Just been too busy to further diagnose issue.
3. The headlights are not strong enough, and are too narrow. I never noticed this issue prior to buying because I never test drove it during the night.
4. It really NEEDS FOG LIGHTS!
5. The gray trim on the rear bumper- just doesn't match the rest of the design.
6. The rear model naming/badges not all being the same color. Really a bone-headed move on Honda's part IMO.

What I like about it-
1. The driving position. I LOVE the linear driving position. Straight steering wheel with equal spacing on both sides of the foot well for support. Reminds me of my Macan every time I get in it.
2. The way it handles. I compared this to the new Corolla Cross and CX3, and it was an easy choice.
2. The engine seems to love all rev ranges.
3. The CVT is the best CVT I've driven. No complaints at all about it.
4. The way it looks. I get at least 1 or 2 compliments about it at gas stations every week.
5. The interior design. I love the simple design, and ease of use/utilitarian design of the interior.
6. Carplay has been 100% flawless! Never had a single issue. I've never had another car that has been flawless with Carplay. My 2018 Accord was a nightmare with Carplay.
7. It's amazing in snow!
8. I get around 32-33mpg of highway driving when cruising around 75mph. I average 26.6mpg of combined driving. I'm very happy with this. The only car I've ever owned that was more efficient with my driving style was my 2018 Accord hybrid. I use to average 39mpg with that, and could get into the 50s if I really wanted to.
9. The price. I think you get a lot for this price. In my honest opinion, and having owned dozens of cars, you get a LOT of good car in this new HRV. I know for a fact that this HRV will stick around in our family for years to come, and that is something that is rare for me to say because I usually NEVER get attached to cars.

Here are some photos.
These are from the day I picked it up.
Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Tire

Car Wheel Land vehicle Tire Vehicle

I took these photos today. Lots of fun in the snow with the Michelin CrossClimate2s mounted on TireRack Sport wheels.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Snow
Land vehicle Car Snow Sky Plant
Wheel Ice racing Tire Car Snow
Car Tire Snow Vehicle Wheel
Plant Snow Natural environment Natural landscape Vehicle
Vehicle Sky Snow Car Plant
Snow Car Vehicle Tire Wheel
Snow Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Tire

Was a fun day! I'm really impressed with how well it does in snow. It didn't struggle a single bit in all of the winter snow storm we had!
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The headlight vertical adjustment is designed to be easily made with a Phillips head screwdriver in that slot on top.
Yep- once you figure it out- its amazingly simple too.
Whether using a ratchet or a screwdriver. We are both still rotating the same bolt. :rolleyes:

Machine Cylinder Engineering Drawing Diagram
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Don鈥檛 get butt-hurt. I wasn鈥檛 attacking you. The headlight adjustment was designed for a screwdriver for ease of use. Use a hammer on your car if you prefer. Makes no difference to me. I was simply trying to help anyone else who has never done it.
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