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2015 Honda Urban

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Not sure if this is coming to the U.S. market as a Honda but could be an Acura. The 2015 Urban is a little longer then the Honda CR-V? (might be a mistake and should be the HR-V) but more modern version and has the magic fold down seats and other improvements. I thought the 2015 Urban Concept was the re-worked into the HR-V but I am mistaken?; it is a new vehicle is my understanding of it called 2015 Urban based on the Jazz platform?. I think the "Match" is the "Fit" in the U.S. marketplace.

I was taken away from the picture of the 2015 Urban two tone interior. It is really nice. Look at the seats too! Love the layout and color scheme!

The HR-V is suppose to be for those who wish the most economical vehicle that get the most mileage per gallon of gasoline. So it might not be the one that I be interested in since I want performance and luxury interior in my vehicles. The Honda Urban seems to be an upscale version that has different engine choices and much better interior. I hope it will be offered in the U.S.

By the way; "HR" stands for high rider!
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isnt the urban going to basically be the HRV?
Yea it looks almost identical to me from the pictures. I can't really tell the difference between the two. It's possible they could turn it into an Acura instead. I just don't see why Honda would need the Urban on top of the HRV.
I did a little more research and found out the history of the Honda Vezel! It from Wikipedia and it is shown below:

Origin and debut[edit]

Honda "Urban SUV Concept" (2013)[edit]

The Urban SUV Concept is based on Honda's Global Compact Series, which includes the Honda Fit subcompact and the Honda City subcompact sedan. This vehicle was unveiled in 2013 North American International Auto Show as the reintroduced Honda HR-V.[3][4]
Honda Vezel (2013-)[edit]

The design of Honda Vezel is based on Honda "Urban SUV Concept". “Vezel” is coined from “bezel”, the oblique faces of a cut gem, with the “V” for “vehicle.”[5]
The vehicle was unveiled in 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.[6] Japan models went on sale on 20 December 2013. The Vezel is available with two powertrains, as a conventional gasoline-powered and as hybrid electric vehicle.[5]
The conventional Vezel is equipped with a 1.5-liter direct-injection DOHC i-VTEC inline-four engine coupled to a continuously variable transmission (CVT), and it is available in front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions.

The Vezel hybrid version is equipped with Honda’s next-generation sport hybrid i-DCD system that combines a 97 kW (130 hp), 156 N·m (115 lb·ft) 1.5-liter direct injection engine with a 22 kW (30 hp), 160 N·m (118 lb·ft) motor, Honda’s Real Time AWD, Reactive Force Pedal. The hybrid version fuel economy is 27.0 km/l (76.3 mpg-imp; 63.5 mpg-US) (3.7 L/100km) in the Japanese JC08 cycle, while the gasoline version has a fuel economy of 20.6 km/l (58.2 mpg-imp; 48.5 mpg-US) (4.9 L/100 km) in the JC08 cycle.[5]
European launch is expected in 2015.
Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 concepts (2014-)[edit]

The Vezel Modulo Concept includes red leather upholstery at seats, centre console, dashboard.[7] There was also a Mugen Vezel Concept, fitted with various Mugen accessories.[8][9]
The vehicles were unveiled in Tokyo Auto Salon 2014.[10][11][12]"
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If I were the head of Acura, I just take the Vezel Modulo Concept and get the 2015 Civic Type R powertrain and call it a Porsche Macan S and Audi SQ5 competitor!

They would probably sell more Acura CUV then their total combine sedan sales. Not kidding either!
I made a mistake above since I am researching compact SUV too! It now in it own class for now subcompact SUV class. So the Audi SQ5 and Porsche Macan are compact size not subcompact. Sorry for that! Just want to make the correction!
Discover that the HR-V moniker was used by Honda 10 year or more ago but not in North America.

"Automotive News is reporting that Honda is reviving an old, but unused moniker for their new small crossover.

Honda fansite Temple of VTEC originally reported that Honda will ditch the “Vezel” name for North America, instead dubbing their new B-segment CUV the “HR-V”. This finding seems to be confirmed by AN, which found trademark filings for the moniker.
Like the Vezel, the original HR-V was positioned below the CR-V, though it never was exported to North America. For a Honda, its design was fairly progressive, though it was likely too small and too slow to succeed in the size-obsessed North American market in the early 2000′s.
This time, things are different. Crossovers, not SUVs, are the hot new thing, displacing sales of more traditional B, C and D segments. Honda will produce the HR-V at its new Mexican plant, which is set up to build both the Fit and the HR-V. And with the B-segment crossover space heating up, the HR-V is a well timed move for Honda."
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Video on the Honda Urban's interior and exterior :

Shows a very much an upgraded interior!
Sounds like Urban could be the name for Europe, only reason I say that is because they reference the Jazz platform which is the FIT in Europe...
If I were the head of Acura, I just take the Vezel Modulo Concept and get the 2015 Civic Type R powertrain and call it a Porsche Macan S and Audi SQ5 competitor!

They would probably sell more Acura CUV then their total combine sedan sales. Not kidding either!
yea literally no kidding

but wait.. that would mean the Acura CUV would be a fun car to drive?


Acura can't have that. If they made a car that was fun to drive I think they may just have to pack up and leave the country. Or the sun might crash into our planet and we would all die.

yea lets not take that risk.. I think Acura should just take the Vezel, and turn it into a public washroom.

yea... that makes much more sense. :rolleyes:
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