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2016-2020 CVT warranty Extended to 7 years/150K Miles

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TSB 21-046
Product Update: 2016-20 HR-V Software Update and CVT Inspection

TSB 21-047
Warranty Extension: 2016-20 HR-V CVT Premature Belt Deterioration


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There is a previous software update for pre 2019 HR-Vs.
I took my 2016 HRV for oil change and they told me about a software update for the CVT. They did it and now it seems like the rpms don't go as high as they used to.
Did they do the magnet inspection outlined in the posted TSB?
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Has anyone received the notification letter concerning the warranty extension on the CVT?
I haven't. I took mine in for the fuel pump recall yesterday and asked them to do it too, they did.
My AWD seems to rev higher after the update. I don't have a database of RPMs at various speeds, just my seat of the pants observation. I expected this to be part of the update to reduce load on the CVT belt. My MPG has gone down about 1 MPG.
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Bottom line, you do the update you get a warranty extension on the CVT to 7 yrs, 150,000 miles, if you don't, you don't.
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