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2016-2020 CVT warranty Extended to 7 years/150K Miles

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TSB 21-046
Product Update: 2016-20 HR-V Software Update and CVT Inspection

TSB 21-047
Warranty Extension: 2016-20 HR-V CVT Premature Belt Deterioration


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I’m glad Honda is finally recognizing the problem and has a “solution”.
Has anyone who has replaced their CVT fluid on a regular basis, suffered a CVT failure?

Our friend's '15 Accord with CVT is working fine at 100K miles...two fluid changes so far.
I was planning to replace the fluid on our #1 daughter's 2019 HR-V this summer, at the 3 year mark...even though the pandemic has reduced her annual mileage significantly.
If you don't have the owners manual (with the phone number inside) you can download a PDF from the Honda Owners site.

Don't forget that the COMPLETE owners manual is 600+ pages long. If you have a small one (200 pages) that's only the Quick Start guide... :rolleyes:
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