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Hi all, I’m posting here my experience with this car so that others can learn from it.

I purchased in 2015 the first model year (2016). EX AWD. The car was ran through a lot of city conditions, and some highway driving, I almost never ran it in wintertime conditions. The car was sold in 2020 at about 125,000 miles. It definitely hit its fair share of potholes.

I never experienced any problem with the car other than regular maintenance. There was one issue with the brakes but that was partially my fault , I let the pads run down too low on bad advice from a shop. Ended up needing new rotors but other than that nothing. I would describe my maintenance schedule as somewhat slacking on rotations and alignment , maybe putting it off a bit more than manufacturer recommendation. On oil I tried to aim for 7500-10k but I think I went to 12k one time.

I chose to sell at 125 in case luck would run out with the transmission. I’ve purchased an updated model year because I was satisfied with the vehicle, and I don’t like the look of the 2022 redesign though I may be interested in a well priced hybrid in the future.

if anyone has any questions I’ll try to answer if I have the time.
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