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2019 HRV Loose Gas Cap leads to Check Engine Light, P! Symbol Light, Flashing Red "PARK" Light

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During the last week, I had a loose gas cap message on my milage heads up display. I unscrewed it and re-tightened it. Then last evening, I went to start my car. Three dash board lights came on when driving: The amber check engine light; an amber (P)! symbol, a red PARK word that flashed when I was moving, but turned off once I stopped moving (at a traffic light as an example). So, I filled up my gas tank back to 100% and re-tightened it once again. I am hoping that it will go away after 30 miles of driving.

I took my HRV to AutoZone to get a free code reading report:
  • 86-21 - Faulty seat support OPDS sensor
  • 61-11 - VSA Modulator-control unit power source circuit (IG) low voltage
The dealership said they would charge me 150 dollars to run their own code report or I could drive it around for a few days to see if it goes away.

Any thoughts or opinions?
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It has nothing to do with the battery. if it is the gas cap error. It should clear itself when the gas cap is properly sealed.
The problem fixed itself. I assume after cleaning the gas cap and opening on the gas tank, then waiting for the HRV to be driven enough miles, it noticed everything was back to normal.
How many miles need to be driven?
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