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A good Car Audio system for Honda Vezel?

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The Honda Vezel comes with a car audio system that is operated in Japanese language by default, since it is being developed for the japanese-domestic usage.

However, when this vehicle is imported by a person who lives in another country, this audio system no more is usable, and he/she needs to replace this with an alternative car audio system that supports English.

In the country that I live, people usually go for Kenwood car audio systems; frankly, I am not a guy with expertise in that particular area; hence am looking for recommendations with pros and cons.

Please do list your suggestions and rationales behind your answers; then these answers will be very much helpful for the new people who decide to buy a Honda Vezel.

Also, it is very difficult to know whether any particular car audio system suits or fit into the vehicle (by technology or dimensions etc); therefore, it will also be very important if someone could give an answer mentioning the technical specifications and requirements that we need to consider while selecting a car audio system for the Honda Vezel.
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Somehow I doubt that Honda is selling a car that doesn't have a working audio system.

If you do want to change it though, Bose is always a great option.
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