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AC system in 2019 HRV sport

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I recently purchased a 2019 Hrv sport. I noticed that instead of the automatic climate control system, it came with a regular manual AC system. Does anyone have any tips on how I can install the automatic climate control system? I found some for sale online, but I am not sure how it should properly be installed.
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I believe the HR-V sport all come without climate control...the "auto" setting affects many things
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I'm inclined to think the OP is a one-hit-wonder.

But I'll humor the topic for now...

I would advise against swapping from the knob controls of the AC to the touchscreen version.

Behind the controls that you can see is set up very differently between the two. Having done the install for the interior lights accessories, I know the touchscreen version only has electrical connectors behind it. But the installation instructions for the lights include instructions for LX/Sport's knob AC controls... and there are physical cables for the vent mode and temp mix knobs.

So, along with the front controls, cables need to be ripped out along with a few other bits, I'm sure.

Then motors and wiring (to replace the cables and bits removed) will need to be installed to connect to the touchscreen controls. Along with modifications to the ECU and probably the radio. And who knows what else.

Yeah. I say skip.

P.S. I thought I posted something like this before... hum, maybe it was on the forum for the Fit.

edit: found it... Knobs vs touchscreen: EX (drivers who wish they'd gone LX?)
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I have a 2017 model with climate control and I am not overly impressed by its ability to work in auto mode and tend to control things manually. The system in the Honda is way inferior to other systems I have encountered. Therefore, I wouldn’t bother with the effort and cost of the conversion.
having 2016 hrv with touchscreen and 09 fit and 04 highlander both with knobs I prefer knobs because I can always change fanspeed and temp by muscle memory, but I have to glance over to aim my finger at the correct button.

Also maxing out the temp? that requires tapping so many times, or holding down several seconds. Knobs are twist once.

Also if I just graze the touchpanel, or a rubber wire brushed it, the screen would register a touch and change settings.
Also maxing out the temp? that requires tapping so many times, or holding down several seconds. Knobs are twist once.
Page 165 of the 2016 HR-V owner's manual:

Using Automatic Climate Control
If any icons are selected while using the climate control system in auto, the function of the icon that was selected will take priority. The AUTO indicator will go off, but functions unrelated to the icon that was selected will be controlled automatically.

To prevent cold air from blowing in from outside, the fan may not start immediately when the AUTO icon is selected. If the interior is very warm, you can cool it down more rapidly by partially opening the windows, turning the system on auto, and setting the temperature to low. Change the fresh air mode to recirculation mode until the temperature cools down.

When you set the temperature to the lower or upper limit, Lo or Hi is displayed.

You can raise or lower the temperature or fan speed setting flicking either control icon.
The 2019 has the same feature... from Lo, I can swipe it up once to get to 72, then once more to get to Hi. Or from Hi > 72 > Lo. I don't have to be at those temps to use the swipe, it's just goes to the next step in the direction you want.

I didn't know it works the same for the fan speed though. I usually just leave it at auto.

That said, neither owner's manual mentions 72, so I don't know if the pre-face lift HR-Vs have a "mid" setting at 72 or at all.
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