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Aloha Everyone. My beloved 2008 Honda Element with 200k miles was stolen a few weeks ago, but the insurance payout was more than enough for the down on a lease of a 2020 HR-V LX. I've only driven it home from the dealer, but so far I love it.

And speaking of that ride home... I left the dealer with 19 miles on the car. Drove it 11 miles to Walmart to get groceries. When I came out, I hit the trunk button on the remote to unlock the hatch. I put away all the groceries, closed the hatch, and then walked around to the driver's door to find it locked. That's also when I figured out that I had left the keys in the back with the groceries, and of course, that was now locked too.

Who knew that unlocking the hatchback does not also open the doors? Or maybe it does, but I accidentally hit the button to lock everything again? Either way, I was stuck.

When I was leaving the dealer, I saw the big Honda roadside assistance sticker on the driver side window, and thought "kinda sucks, having that big sticker there" but it sure did come in handy. Gave them a call, and I was back in the car within half an hour, at no cost to myself.

So, has anyone else had to use roadside assistance within the first 11 miles of owning their car?
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