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An English user instructions manual for Honda Vezel?

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I am looking for an English user instructions manual for Honda Vezel, for the time being and the closest that I could reach is the translated version provided with the link[1] below.


I have taken the above URL from some other thread, and just listed here so that it would be listed under a particular google search one day, for the relevant topic and key words. So the real credit should follow Bicepeak[2], who actually was generous enough to share this.


In this translated version, some text elements have overlapped; hence a little unclear. Therefore, I still keep looking for a version of the same, that wouldn't have the same issues.

I assume, that the Vezel owners would able to use an English instruction manual that is released for Honda HR-V [by Honda] one day. However, if you find any better version, please do not forget to upload it here and make it available for the others as well.

Thank you in advance.
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Vezel, English .... Click Here ... or google it.

P.S.: Hope you drive on the "wrong" side :)
If anyone has 2015-Honda Vezel Owner's Manual -English , please share with us...
[email protected]
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