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Australia in February

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From what I have been reading, it looks like the Aussies will be getting the HR-V in February. Wish and hope it could be that soon for the US.

On the other hand, they do say "launched" so I guess that could mean they don't actually get the cars then.
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If they aren't on dealer lots in February but you can still put down a deposit for one, when do you think people should expect their delivery? March?
I noticed that as well with only the 1 color not costing extra. Why not just incorporate the price into the car and not call out an extra cost for the colors the majority of the cars will be?
I think that this might be a good idea. They could add $400 to the price and offer all the colors instead of taking $400 off but making people pay more for most of the colors. I'm sure they have some business research behind their decision though.
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