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Auto brights disable, repeat problem

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I got my 2022 HR-V EX in March of 2022. I rarely drive at night but I loved the auto high beam feature. It was turned on when I left the dealership and I was instructed on how to disable and reenable it. Sometime during the fall, it quit working. The indicator light was off and no matter how many times I pulled the stalk forward and saw the one flashing light, it would not stay on. Had the dealer check it when I got my first oil change. Still didn't work. Took it back in and they had it for a full week before the decided that the entire instrument cluster needed to be replaced. Was told that other things could've gone wrong as well over time if I hadn't brought it in. That was in March. It worked, until ... it didn't. As the days get longer I am not driving in the dark as much, but last night I was and .... the auto high beam indicator was off again. I pulled the stalk forward, got the one flash, and the indicator light stayed on for less than a minute before shutting off again. I'm really getting frustrated and wondering if it is just my car? Anyone else have this issue and get it resolved?
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Just a shot in the dark,

Some feature settings may only be changed while stationary. (safety issue)

If its not something simple like that, might be the daylight sensor on the dash?
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