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Something for everyone

The 2016 HR-V goes on sale on May 15, and Honda predicts it can sell 70,000 a year in the U.S. once production is running at full tilt. Without a clear front-runner in the nascent segment, Honda figures it can establish dominance by offering a something-for-everyone model that doesn’t exist yet.

“It’s a bit of a challenge because it’s such a new segment and we’re not entirely sure what the customer wants,” Jeff Conrad, Honda Division general manager, said at a press drive of the HR-V here. “So we’re hoping to give the customer everything.”
Oh and this was why Honda was keeping SO tight lipped...

But the HR-V’s delay won’t hurt Honda, Sullivan said. Because it’s all-new, most customers don’t know to look for it yet. And it was better for the company to take a cautious approach, he said, than risk more errors of the type that tripped up the recall-plagued Fit.
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