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I bought a 2017 HR-V about a month ago with 53k km's on it. It didn't have a block heater, so I decided to install one as I live in finland where it's pretty cold. I saved around 350€ doing it myself.
Parts used: DEFA #460785 and DEFA #411241
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First, the plastic bottom cover was removed and antifreeze was drained from the radiator.The antifreeze was still good looking, but I still ended up replacing it.
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Next step was to take the threaded plug out. It's located behind the engine and is quite difficult to get to. The manual tells not to remove the plug with an impact, but we still used an impact gun as it was nearly impossible to remove with hand tools. The threads did not get damaged.
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The heater was threaded on and tightened by feel.
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Then it was just a matter of fitting the heater cable to the bumper and route it to the back of the engine.
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Routing the cable in the engine bay. It was grounded into the motor mount. We made sure to zip tie the cable far away from any moving parts like the serpentine belt. Antifreeze was added and job is done.

I had my cousin do the job for me and I was just a helper. It took about 2 hours to do and was relatively easy to do. The hardest part was definitely removing the plug.


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