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Creak Sound When Moving From Full Stop With Wheel Turned

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I'm noticing a creak sound when my wheel is fully turned and the car is in a full stop when I am about to begin moving in reverse and sometimes moving forward. It's more like a knock. Maybe like a bolt or something is loose. The sound comes from the front passenger side. It's a 2017 with about 52,000. I got the car Certified Pre-Owned with about 34,000 and noticed it occasionally. I didn't think much of it but it seems to be happening more often. It passed inspection at the dealership a few months back. Any idea what might be causing the issue?
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Not sure if its the same thing, but I had a similar issue on my old Camry. I would hear a pop/crack sound when I would full lock left or right and also every so often when I hit a big bump. The problem was one of the pivoting rods (I forgot the exact name) that connected the front right tire to the suspension assembly had cracked at the upper ball joint. So every time I full locked the wheel, it would pivot and put more stress on that ball joint causing that sound.

It was a pretty cheap fix. Went to a local trusted mechanic and he fixed it for about $150 total.

To check if yours is damaged, have the car in park, then just turn your wheel full left and right and then go out and check the wheel wells. It'll be easier to see behind the wheels that way. You'll be looking for a vertical metal rod with a top that looks like a roundish ball and should have a bolt going through it connecting it to the rest of the components. I believe it may have a rubber joint connected to it as well. And if you see any fluid leaking from it, its bad.
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Most creaking/squeaking sounds are bushings.
Most popping/cracking sounds are joints (ball joints, tie rod ends, steering or suspension joints)
Most groaning/dragging sounds are bearings.

Here is a good shop in the USA, they will probably check it for free:

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