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So I'm really set on an EX-L AWD. While reading another post about purchasing the HR-V someone made mention of dealer add-ons.

Curious to what I might see added? Are there things you are hoping to have added? So far - the only thing I can think of are all wether floor mats. Perhaps a cargo liner of some sort?

I know what would be my favorite feature that's never mentioned ... Ventilated front seats. Not looking forward to that black leather with the heat. But not really a dealer add-on. So far I've only been in an IS-250 and loved it!

But back to the subject at hand ...
The picture of the Modern Steel EX-L on this forums home page has some of the more expensive dealer add ones. The wheels are optional as are the lower side trim piece and roof rails. On the front you can see the add on skid plate and the optional chromed grill. I would guess that these would add up to about Cdn$ 3,000+

My plans are to add the wheels, lower trim and skid plates along with rubber mats and wheel locks.
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