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Door problem.

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Does anyone here in the group forum experienced a clicking sound in their doors. It happened one day when it rains heavily after that the clicking sounds starts. I already brought my car into three different service center of Honda dealership, their already change all my latch actuator but with no avail, their having a hard time finding what causes the clicking sound? It seams like one of the boards that control the locks of my door got a problem?
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I've had clicking, water dripping noises when opening my window after being in the rain. Almost as if opening the window slightly releases some pressure and sounds like water draining out the bottom.

So I think it's normal to hear internal clicking / dripping noises when slightly opening the window after being left in the rain prior.
In my case my problem is after the rain stop the clicking sound occurs as if the door lock is opening and closing. My worries is theres might be an electrical board or electrical circuit that gets wet.
If you hit the driver-side door handle with water from a hose. It can unlock the door. I wonder if the sensor on the door handle is defective.

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