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Hi there,

My wife has 2015 model with keyless entry. Year ago she reported to me that car can lock by itself either from inside or outside but I assumed that she presses the locking button on the keys by accident. After few months "Keyless warning" came up on a dash. Went to Honda service and they replaced Keyless module in the car. Warning came back after a while. Then Honda replaced Start/Stop button. No warnings since then but car definitely locks by itself. I lost my doubts about it when I parked the car in garage and left the keys on a drivers seat - in the morning car was locked. We opened the car with the spare key, my wife went to work with both keys, after work she tried to remove the snow and during that time managed to lock both keys inside... Gentle break in did the job but I went ballistic with Honda after that. They kept car for almost a week and never found anything wrong during that time. I run out of ideas what could be the source of the problem and wondering if anyone had similar issues before and fixed it somehow.

I don't know if this could be also related but only recently - like 2 months ago window wipers started working spuriously as well. When they go on strike they don't work in auto or manual and then suddenly start working normally again.

All in all I'm loosing my faith in new Hondas. Had 8 gen Accord for 11 years and this car was brilliant service wise - only regular oil/brake pad changes - that was it. Not so much electronics though...
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