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Bought mine last night a little under MSRP! Ocean Blue Pearl and I'm in love. I was so concerned I wouldn't like it but oh boy it's amazing. I will take ANY excuse to get on the road with it.

We have an Odyssey so I didn't need a big car like a CR-V and I wanted AWD. Enter: HR-V.

The acceleration is plenty fine for anybody not trying to Drag race their neighbor at a stoplight. It's got superb handling compared to both sedans and Ofc Minivan I have owned in the last 10 years. The AWD is worth every penny in NY where I am.

The EX trimmings are also with every red cent. The touch panel is responsive unless you're a jittery crack addict trying to tap 30x per second. Taps respond about two times per second, but not faster. I kinda miss the physical buttons but after playing with the spin dials of the LX trim, I realized how much nicer the touch interface is and what a massive improvement to the internal aesthetics it is. Bluetooth setup is easy and works great even through recent calls and phone book with my iPhone 6 through the console interface.

I may find more flaws with the car in the future but my only two complaints are total nit-picks. The cargo space lighting is kind of dim and only on the left side. There is a flip switch that turns it on and off with open/close tailgate. I'm also very used to my Odyssey with automatic tailgate, which I wish were an option on this car! Perhaps a future model!
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