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Fed Interest Rates Likely to Increase in June

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What does this have to do with the HR-V, you ask? A Fed rate increase means an increase in loan interest rates. So if you're planning on buying an HR-V on a loan, better hope you can do so before June lol. Come on Honda, get these rolling!
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I think we can all relax about auto interest rates.

There's a possibility, not a likelihood, and definitely not a certainty, that rates will go up the awe-inspiring amount of 0.25% this summer, or this fall, or not for another year. And if inflation explodes - which is a bit of a stretch considering over the last few months inflation has been negative - the Fed might do a few more gentle 1/4% hikes over the next few quarters.

If you were to borrow the entire purchase price of your HR-V (in which case, you probably shouldn't be buying one in the first place), each quarter point rise would cost you $50 a year in extra interest.

So chill and buy your HR-V when you feel like it.
Because of the specific wording used in the last Fed meeting, the speculation is that the rates will rise in June at the next meeting. Probably by 1/4%.

HOWEVER, since then more economic numbers have come in that show that the economy is actually getting stagnant and NOT improving as we thought, so it is very likely that the Fed will leave it along in June and see if by Sept. the economy really is stagnating or not.

So it could go either way in June, but I think the odds might be ever so slightly in favor of them remaining where they are till Sept.
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