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sister cracked my grill, i told her to buy me new one. google searched:
Product Font Rectangle Line Slope

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive parking light Automotive lighting

work was mainly popping around 20 pins
Photograph White Product Black Font

useful to have body tools, but i've done it with just flathead driver. also need philips driver and socket set
Product Font Material property Electric blue Tool

about an hour to take off, just left the bumper hanging off
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Grille

Automotive parking light Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

swap in and glue the logo and chrome
Vehicle registration plate Grille Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

note plate was previously screwed into bumper because needed to drive while grill was being shipped.
bumper holds plate much better than the brittle hollow grill anyway. total time about 2-3 hr.
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