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Honda Fit Pricing and Release Date

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Honda Fit/HR-V Pricing and Release Date

Just wanted to let everyone know how pricing and release date information was handled for the 2015 Honda Fit redesign (released in 2014).

Pricing information was leaked by a user on the site which was then picked up and reported on Original leak post was on 4/01/2014.

The release date was discovered on a Honda website comparing the new new Fit to various competitors. The original website (which is no longer available) included the statement "available starting 4/14/2014". This website was "hidden" on the main Honda website, but some enterprising individuals managed to find it then posted it to Original post was on 3/18/2014.

And if I remember correctly the Honda Fit event which was held in San Diego was also first posted on a Fit Freak website, and the event was held last weekend of March 2014.

So we may get this information regarding the HR-V prior to Honda releasing it publicly. So geep checking other related sites, you never know when you may stumble onto some leaked information
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Thanks for posting this. After having followed a couple vehicle releases in the past, randomly leaked information is what i have noticed, even more of a reason to keep an eye out on the web for that info :D

Thanks for the information and the heads up
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