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Just wanted to share some success I had recently installing an aftermarket head unit in my 2016 Honda HRV LX. I installed a Pioneer 4660 but was having an issue where I was only able to toggle between two of the rearview camera modes (ultra wide and top down). Ultra wide is too wide for me, and makes it hard to avoid objects that are close to the vehicle, and I didn't use top down too much (which could actually be pretty useful).

I found these two forums that discuss similar topics.

I found that if you swap the wire coming from the C5 and C18 cavities in either the female or corresponding male end of the audio connector shown in the attached image below, you will be able to toggle between normal view and ultra wide view. I have not figured out a way to toggle between all 3 views, or toggle between normal and top down view but if you are missing the normal backup camera view, you could try this.

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