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HR-V U.S. Sales Date Pushed Back...Now "Spring 2015"

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Well, it looks like things aren't going so smoothly for Honda these days down in Mexico, and this has pushed the HR-V's launch back to "Spring 2015" (see the links below to two news articles about production issues). I think whatever is said, or not said, at the L.A. Auto Show next month will be very enlightening for us here in North America.

I might need to start considering another vehicle :crying:
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Lucky for them there doesn't seem to be too much competition in the segment the HRV is in which helps to some extent.
I just hope going forward that there won't be anymore delays.
Hopefully they come through during early 2015 and don't disappoint, with shows coming up around that time it's bound to happen
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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