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HR-V vs. Lexus NX

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I'm not sure this is a totally fair comparison, but they are both on my radar, and both will come sometime between now and next summer. Here is what I've been able to gather as a starter:

Item HR-V Lexus NX
Price $18-25K? $30K+
HP 130 230
Height 63.2" 64.8"
Width 69.7" 72.6"
Length 169.1" 182.3"
Available Winter Nov. '14

So, the HR-V is smaller, less expensive, and a whole lot weaker. So, maybe not a good comparison. Thoughts?
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Okay, I am bumping up this very old thread because I actually had a chance to compare the two!

NX (hybrid): Much, much more luxurious; obvious given the price point of ~$41k. Leather was much higher quality (is Honda using leatherette? Maybe just cheap leather.) and front seats are both heated and ventilated. Lots of safety features (lane assist, blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise, collision warning, etc.), driver's seat memory + linked steering position memory. All windows auto up/down which is a feature I will miss from my VW when I sell it. Power memory lift gate, side mirrors angle downward when you move the car into reverse, air vent for rear passengers, reclining rear seats. LED headlamps.

A car at this price really needs a panoramic sunroof rather than the regular one. The center console was a bit cluttered for my taste and did not scream luxury (too many buttons, too much drab gray). The exterior of the car simultaneously looks good and bad, depends on the angle and your personal preference.

Visually it seems like it has less space inside. Which is weird, because numbers indicate that the NX has more space. Something about the layout of the dash, thickly padded seats, and all black interior made the NX seem tight inside. Trunk looks a bit smaller but I haven't looked at the numbers and trunk size is not a huge issue for me.

Overall, I came away feeling like the HR-V is a great value for a very similar size. Of course, I'd love to have the suite of safety features and a few other bonuses would be nice: adaptive cruise control, air vents for rear passengers, at least the first two windows auto up/down, etc.

Hopefully this helps someone who might be cross-shopping the two.
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