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HR-V vs. Lexus NX

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I'm not sure this is a totally fair comparison, but they are both on my radar, and both will come sometime between now and next summer. Here is what I've been able to gather as a starter:

Item HR-V Lexus NX
Price $18-25K? $30K+
HP 130 230
Height 63.2" 64.8"
Width 69.7" 72.6"
Length 169.1" 182.3"
Available Winter Nov. '14

So, the HR-V is smaller, less expensive, and a whole lot weaker. So, maybe not a good comparison. Thoughts?
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Well hold on, its his money and how he debates to spend it is completely up to him. Clearly the decision is not constrained by size, which leads me to believe its not about being a family vehicle.

It sounds like the comparison is based on personal appeal, I agree with Dammit not comparing it to the CRV, I find HRV MUCH more attractive.
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