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HR-V won't start, all dashboard lights on & blink with clicking sound

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Issue resolved (battery replaced). Posting to help anyone else who might have the same experience.

2016 Honda HR-V EX
  • Symptoms:
  • HR-V will not start
  • All dashboard lights come on and blink with a clicking sound
  • Parking brake will not disengage
  • Accessories and lights work
  • No problems with keyfob
  • No corrosion on battery terminals
  • Nothing left on (lights, accessories) when parked the previous day

  • Battery replacement

Battery died after 1 year, 9 months, just under 18,000 miles.
Note: A friend with an HR-V (on the road for 2 years) had the exact same issue a couple of weeks ago.

Prior to the battery needing replacement, there was no indication that it was about to die. In all my previous cars I had either a voltage indicator on the dashboard or I could tell the battery was dying from slow cranks. No indication on this car. I would think with all the electronics there would be a voltage indicator/meter. Nope. And what's the point of having a battery indicator light? It didn't light up to indicate the battery wasn't charging. Useless this time.

I've lived in South Florida for 21 years and have become used to changing car batteries around every 2.5 - 3 years. At 1 year and 9 months, this set an all-time record for me.

The good: The battery was under warranty, no charge to replace at the dealership
The bad: Horrible battery life & horrible Honda roadside assistance. Called at 9:15 AM, on hold for 15 minutes before hanging up. Went online to register for service - took 2.5 hours for any type of acknowledgment. By that time I had already received a jump from a friend and was at the dealer. I have roadside assistance via my auto insurance also, but a good friend is always more reliable ;)

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone with the same symptoms. All it may need is a jump start and a new battery.
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I have a 2016 HRV EX, dashboard lights were flickering on & off at times. After reading this post, I checked and replaced the battery as the vold test was low. However it did not resolved the flickering, although the lights flicker less then before. I am attempting to replace the alternator but by testing the alternator seemed fine (I disconnected the positive cable from battery started the car and it still running). Any suggestion on should I replace the alternator?
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