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Hey everyone! Autonation Sean here with some new about what we will be receiving in the next few weeks. You can put a deposit on any of these for those who want "first dibs" as you can always back out and have your deposit refunded if you don't like the car, but so far the reviews of those who have seen and driven the car are positive.

DRIVE / TRIM / Transmission / Exterior Color/ Interior Color
2WD LX CVT Black/Black
2WD LX CVT Grey/Black
2WD LX CVT White/Gray
AWD LX CVT Silver/Gray

2WD EX 6MT Grey/Black
2WD EX CVT Silver/Gray
2WD EX CVT Silver/Gray
2WD EX CVT Silver/Gray

2WD EXL W/NAV CVT Silver/Gray *Deposit already on this one but anyone can put second dibs on it in case they back out.

Good walk around videos:
Automatic HRV
Manual HRV
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