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HRV Paint Options?

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Now take this with a grain of salt as it was pilfered from, but these are the available paint hues for the JDM Vezel, lets see if there could be some overlap with North America?

Color names will likely change by market...

White Orchid Pearl

Alabaster Silver Metallic

Tinted Silver Metallic

Lou Security Black Metallic (purply tinge is hidden)

Crystal Black Pearl

Morpho Blue Pearl

Deep Rosso Pearl

Misty Green Pearl

If these were our options I would be having a proper tug of war with myself, Morpho Blue or Misty Green ;)
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I can see Green not being a common color to see. As always I know white will the the most popular
the blue pearl looks like it'll be a stunning color in person
It does, it`s one of the better looking blues I have seen, just not a color I would get. I usually like more simple colors. But it will be interesting to see how good or bad it sells.
the blue is a vivid color so it'll only be for some people.
Starting to think that once they go hybrid they might go with a blue like this:

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Again, I'm really not sure if we'll be receiving the same paint options. A better bet is we'll see the HRV with a mix of FIT and CRV paint choices...
That is true but the possibility still stands that we could see it happen.
Just wanted to correct the name of the purplish black color. It is called "Ruse Black Metallic" and named after a dark purple black flower.

I'm personally hoping they will make the green available but here, but I'd be happy with the blue as second choice. I saw both colors in person in Japan. Both are stunning as well as the Mystic Yellow on the new Fit which I wasn't too sure of from photos. I also think the HR-V might look cool in orange, but then I loved the Orangeburst Metallic that was available on the 2012 Fit. Guess I was among the few since it was discontinued after only one year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I suspect that the HR-V will closely follow the other Honda models (in the USA) in the colors that they offer. You will see a version of white (White Diamond Pearl or White Orchid Pearl), black (Crystal Black Pearl), silver (Alabaster Silver Metallic), grey (Polished Metal Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, and or Urban Titanium Metallic) plus a version of red and a version of blue. The question to me is what “FUN” colors they might offer, like a yellow, purple, orange or rust or turquoise. But I wouln’t expect more than one or two “Fun” colors
thanks for pointing that out, good to see it's more than just A color but one that relates to something in nature, such as a flower.
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