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Importing a US HR-V into Canada?

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I'm wondering if it will be economically feasible and practical to buy a HR-V in the States and import it to Canada. What happens to the warranty and 3 year roadside assistance ? Is the 1.8l HR-V engine made in Japan and will it be liable for duty at the border? Will the present 17% exchange rate nullify any chance of saving money on the car? Will buying the car in a no-tax state (e.g. New Hamphire) be more benefitial? I'm hoping other forum members who have had experience in buying Honda products in the US and importing them to Canada will add their knowledge to this thread.
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I live in London Ontario and went to Port Huron the other day to finally see the HR-V. They salesmen there told me they are forbidden by Honda Corporate to sell their HR-V's to Canadian residents!

When I was crossing the border back to Canada, I told the Canadian border patrol why I was in the U.S. and he asked me if I bought the car. I said "no, they are forbidden to sell to Canadians" and he asked "why?", I said "I don't know", and his reply was "So they can sell it to Canadian's for $15,000 more!"

We Canucks always get screwed, and we all know it :mad:
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As pointed out above, we Canucks are actually getting a pretty sweet deal on the HR-V, we just have to be a bit patient. Especially on this forum, you're not likely to get much sympathy, especially from Americans that would love to have some of the features we get.

Back when our dollar was high there was a booming cross-border trade in cars, until several makers, including Honda, made their US dealers stop selling to Canadians. I wonder if Honda Canada has the same restriction on selling to Americans?

One question: did they let you test drive it? I'm thinking of making a trip down, but it's only worth it to me if I can test drive.
You're right, I shouldn't complain considering the exchange rate. But I have unique scenario where I have to buy a red one for my job. In Canada, the red ones only come in EX-L! So I have to spend $30,000 instead of $22,000 just because of colour (ugh).

They didn't let me test drive them because they were all in "service" mode. No dash lights, instrument panel, etc.
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