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Importing a US HR-V into Canada?

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I'm wondering if it will be economically feasible and practical to buy a HR-V in the States and import it to Canada. What happens to the warranty and 3 year roadside assistance ? Is the 1.8l HR-V engine made in Japan and will it be liable for duty at the border? Will the present 17% exchange rate nullify any chance of saving money on the car? Will buying the car in a no-tax state (e.g. New Hamphire) be more benefitial? I'm hoping other forum members who have had experience in buying Honda products in the US and importing them to Canada will add their knowledge to this thread.
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I had full warranty on mine in Canada, but bought it new in the US.
Doesn’t quite make sense if you go on a road trip, and the car breaks down, they’ll fix it where-ever you go.
Good point come to think about that.

Too bad there isn't a dealer on this forum to also provide some input on this.
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