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Without rubbing, what is a good tire size up from stock?

I temporarily had the stock 215/55R17 Michelin summer tires and stock HRV wheels back on our HRV while I purchase new winter tires.
We did not drive our HRV at all this summer and had left the old winter tires and wheels on it while in summer storage.

It is painfully clear that the stock original tires are too narrow for the 17x7.5" tires plus the lack of curb guard on these tires.
2 of our 4 wheels are quite curb damaged from the previous owner.
Going to 225/55R17 tires would be a much better fit and provide other advantages.
Only a 1/2" taller and a 1/2' wider to protect the wheels and a wider tire footprint for better handling.

225/55R17 tires on the original 17x7.5 wheels would be my recommendation.

Unless you are going for the off-road and lifted look.
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