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Later this's official

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Feb 12, 2015
Jeff Conrad - Honda Division Senior Vice President and General Manager

"Next up is the all-new HR-V crossover...which will draw on Honda packaging expertise to become the true benchmark vehicle in a new and growing segment. Sleek, fun, fuel-efficient and extraordinarily flexible...the 2016 Honda HR-V will crossover will deliver strong value for the money... with best-in-class fuel economy, top-class safety and, above all, Honda quality.We're confident that our customers are going to love it when it hits the showroom later this spring."
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This is nothing new, they have been saying Spring for months now. It would have been news worthy if Mr. Conrad had given an actual date.
Giving he was speaking to a crowd when he said this, it could be "later, this spring" in later this year, in the spring as opposed to "late in the spring". I'm splitting hairs here, but all we have is speculation really to go off of.
I COULD get excited is someone actually said a particular MONTH.
I read into this that things at Honda are very uncertain.
This is interesting... in comments to this TorqueNews article, Parks McCants says "I'll be attending Honda's roll out in Miami, late Feb.", and later, on Jan 26, "We'll be driving the HR-V next month in Miami. Looking forward to it!"

So at least we might get some first-drive reports of the NA HR-V soon!
Yea spring lasts quite a while. could be March or could be May. A more definitive date would be appreciated for sure. I am thinking late March or early April but that is just me making guesses for the **** of it.
he could also be parroting the Honda rhetoric... doesn't make a very good keynote speech if he's up there humming and hawing about production delays...
Seems to me he is the same exec that once said 'Winter"...
reason i just wait for when things actually happen.
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