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LX Wiper Control Upgrade (NOT)

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The LX comes with a single fixed intermittent wiper speed, around a six second delay. I picked up a wiper control from an EX model that has a variable intermittent control. It directly replaces the LX switch with the same electrical connector but the wipers operate at the same intermittent speed as the LX switch no matter were the variable dial of the LX switch is set. I did this same mod on a '01 Ford Focus without issues and thought it would be a simple upgrade, I could have a bad EX switch but there is probably something different in the wiring between the LX and EX.:crying:


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Years back. This was done on a civic, a fit, and Acura RSX. No issues with it not working. But that was over 5 years ago.
I figured it was a cheap and easy upgrade. It was an eBay find that came off a very low mile 2016 that was in a passenger side collision. For $25 shipped it was worth a shot, switch looked new without a speck of dust or dirt. If some one else does this and it works, I'll assume my used switch was bad and pop for a new one (35256-TV0-A11) which goes for around $60. Or maybe just leave it alone.;)
I too would be very interested to hear if someone had gotten this to work. It would be great to have more than one intermittent wiper speed.

Took a look at the 2016 owners manual, (pg.132), it states that on vehicles with the variable wiper control, (EX/EX-L), the wiper speed will increase as vehicle speed increases when in intermittent mode. I guess it is a bit more complicated than I thought. Looks like the ECU controls wiper speed based on vehicle speed, the LX's don't appear to have that ability.
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