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LX Wiper Control Upgrade (NOT)

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The LX comes with a single fixed intermittent wiper speed, around a six second delay. I picked up a wiper control from an EX model that has a variable intermittent control. It directly replaces the LX switch with the same electrical connector but the wipers operate at the same intermittent speed as the LX switch no matter were the variable dial of the LX switch is set. I did this same mod on a '01 Ford Focus without issues and thought it would be a simple upgrade, I could have a bad EX switch but there is probably something different in the wiring between the LX and EX.:crying:


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Intermittent upgrade to LX

j2bhrv, you should look at the differences in the wiring diagrams for LX and EX with variable wipers. I upgraded the standard radio on my LX to a factory touch screen unit and found that even though some of the connectors were common, many wires had to be pulled out of connectors and switched around and new wires added for it to be fully functional. Once everything was hooked up properly (pain in the butt), it integrated into the computer fine. At some point I will probably look into the variable wiper issue, but since you are already part of the way there with the switch installed, please let us know.
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