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LX Wiper Control Upgrade (NOT)

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The LX comes with a single fixed intermittent wiper speed, around a six second delay. I picked up a wiper control from an EX model that has a variable intermittent control. It directly replaces the LX switch with the same electrical connector but the wipers operate at the same intermittent speed as the LX switch no matter were the variable dial of the LX switch is set. I did this same mod on a '01 Ford Focus without issues and thought it would be a simple upgrade, I could have a bad EX switch but there is probably something different in the wiring between the LX and EX.:crying:


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I've done this mod on my Civic 2016, I had to install a wire from the BCM (Body Control Module) to the wiper switch. I intend to do the same modification on my HR-V LX 2021 also. I'm looking for the wiper schematic.
I didn't have time to check if there is a wire on pin 10 of the switch connector. If there is a wire, it should be a matter of relays and fuses.
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I removed the connector, there is NO wire on pin 10.
I wonder if the schematics are the same for HR-V and the FIT, because I have all the information for the FIT 2019.
It means the wire would be going from pin 10 (switch connector) to MICU connector B
These schematics are for the FIT 2019, please use as info: The Connector need is B18 (RED) on wiper switch
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The way I see it, we need a new wiper switch, a relay (39794-SDA-A03) a fuse (30A) number 5 in engine compartment and a cable from the BCM to the switch. I had a look at the BCM behind the fuse box, it's not easy to get at. I'll give it a try in a few weeks.


Couldn't thank more for your explanation, thanks a lot mate. But what kinda "new switch" is this?
Rock Auto has one at $72.61 (Canadian), it's from HR-V 2016, they're all the same.
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Did anyone get this to work?
Living in the land of rain drizzle and fog.
Not yet, I might give it a try in a few weeks
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