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Hello all,

I recently traded in my 2019 Mini Cooper JCW for 2023 Honda HR-V LX 2WD.
It's been only 3 days since I got the car, and I love everything about it except the steering wheel and shift knob.
So I'm hoping to replace the "plastic" wheel & knob to leather in the near future.

Here is the list of what is on the car and what will be done soon (I promised my family that I will not modify the car (tuning, exhaust, etc.) so this will be my "mod" list.):

Current accessories on the car (came with from the factory):
Cargo tray - 08U45-3V0-100
Door edge guards - 08P20-3V0

To be added soon:
Alloy wheel locks - 08W42-SCV-102
Seat back protectors -08P30-3V0-100
Cargo cover - 08U35-3V0-110
Valve stem caps - 08W48-PL4-100A

Future project:
Window tint - LX is the only one without the privacy rear glasses and summer is coming...
Leather steering wheel replacement - not sure if it is the right part no. but... 78501-3V0-X10ZB
Leather shift knob - 54130-TVA-L82ZA

Hope to post some pics after the install!
Happy motoring!
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A Mini Cooper JCW to an LX HRV? How are you adjusting?
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A Mini Cooper JCW to an LX HRV? How are you adjusting?
I got over with speed and loud exhaust, plus HR-V gets better MPG and is much bigger car.
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